John J McIllhinney Division



The Obituary of Leo Carey " A Good Irishman"



Over the course of this year as well as in the past you have done the Division and yourselves proud. Some of our brothers have experienced the loss of a loved one. With that loss came expressions of support by fellow brothers at bereavement services.

There have been some instances where our communication about timing and Division participation in showing our support could have been better.  

It was discussed at the November Division meeting and a plan of action was agreed on. We will try to add a “Bereavement Information” link to the website. It will include information about services and timing. I will update when finalized.


It was suggested that someone be the point man for this. To that end my email and cell phone information will be in the link for clarification.


For now, that info is: .... (and due to past errors on my part, I am confirming that this is my correct email address).

Cell phone .... 610-996-8875.

If anyone knows of a brother who may be experiencing a loss, please contact me. I will gather information and try to have it posted on the Division website followed up by an email to the Division. It will also include a target time for any brother who may be able to attend to meet fellow brothers to offer support.

Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity are foundations of our organization.  


All have commitments. Logistics often prevent participation.


Please take this attempt at communication as a way to enhance our Division and Brotherhood experience. If you are unhappy about this initiative, please email me separately and I will communicate it to the board.


Slainte......Mike Ryan

P.S. Our normal dress code is in order, Div jacket or shirt, khaki pants, dark shoes masks are required.