Bucks County, PA

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Officers of Division

President  -  Joseph Herrity

Vice President -  Matt Wilson

Financial Secretary  -   Ed Vollrath

Treasurer  -   Charles Gallagher

Recording Secretary  -  Tom Kelleher

Chaplin  -  Reverend  Monsignor Joseph Gentili

Marshall   -  George Kelnhofer

Chairman of the Standing Committee  -  Phil Daly

Sentinel  -  Sean Mc Ardle

Sentinel  -  Mike Dougherty

Sentinel - Jim Albert

Committee Chair Persons

       Charity -  Sean McArdle

Golf  - Greg McGovern

Football Mania  -  Jack  O’Brien

Religious Request  -  Vince Walsh

St. Patrick's Day Party - William Mc Donnell

Mannerchor  House -  Pete Murphy Sr. /  Joseph Clee

Historians -  John Davis -  Edward O’Dywer -  James  Albert