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History and Biography


The Twilight Lords: An Irish Chronicle “The Fierce, Doomed Struggle of Ireland Against the England of Elizabeth I”

Richard Berleth, 1978, 316 pp., Davis


Green Against Green: The Irish Civil War

Michael Hopkinson, 1988, 336 pp., Davis


A Secret History of the IRA

Ed Moloney, 2002, 600 pp., Davis


Atlas of Irish History

n/a, 1997, 144 pp., Davis


Empire Statesman: The Rise and Redemption of Al Smith

Robert A. Slayton, 2001, 480 pp., Davis


Wars of the Irish Kings: “A Thousand Years of Struggle, from the Age of Myth through the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I”

Davis Willis McCullough, 2000, 348 pp., Davis


The Tiger: The Rise and Fall of Tammany Hall

Oliver E. Allen, 1993, 317 pp., Davis



Tim Pat Coogan, 2000, 808 pp., Davis


Eamon DeValera: The Man Who was Ireland

Tim Pat Coogan, 1993, 772 pp., Davis


The Troubles: Ireland’s Ordeal 1966-1996 and the Search for Peace

Tim Pat Coogan, 1996, 472 pp., Davis


The Rascal King: The Life and Times of James Michael Curley (1874-1958)

An Epic of Urban Politics and Irish America”

Jack Beatty, 1992, 571 pp., Davis


Mick: The Real Michael Collins

Peter Hart, 2005, 485 pp., Davis


Michael Collins: The Man Who Made Ireland

Tim Pat Coogan, 1996, 480 pp., Davis



The Modern Prince: Charles J. Haughey and the Quest for Power

Justin O’Brien, 2002, 212 pp., Davis


Making Peace: “The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Negotiations That Culminated in the Signing of the Northern Ireland Peace Accord

George J. Mitchell, 1999, 192 pp., Davis


Ireland in the Age of the Tudors

R. Dudley Edwards, 1977, 222 pp., Davis


Twentieth-Century Ireland: Nation and State

Dermot Keogh, 1994, 504 pp., Davis


The Year of Liberty: The History of the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798

Thomas Pakenham, 1969, 416 pp., Davis


Politics and War in the Three Stuart Kingdoms, 1637-1649

David Scott, 2004, 233 pp., Davis


Bold Robert Emmet, 1778-1803

Sean O’Bradaigh, 2003, 109 pp., Davis


Ten Men Dead: The Story of the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike

David Beresford, 1987, 334 pp., Davis


The Great O’Neill: The Biograph of Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, 1550-1616

Sean O’Faolain, 1997, 284 pp., Davis


The Irish War of Independence

Michael Hopkinson, 2004, 274 pp., Davis


The Norman Invasion of Ireland

Richard Roche, 1995, 271 pp., Davis


Sarsfield and the Jacobites: “Patrick Sarsfield’s amazing career as the leading Irish soldier of the Williamite War (1688-1691)

Kevin Haddick-Flynn, 2003, 248 pp., Davis


The Flight of the Earls

John McCavitt, 2005, 277 pp., Davis


The Green Flag, Volume I. The Most Distressful Country

Robert Kee, 1972, 341 pp., Davis


The Green Flag, Volume II. The Bold Fenian men

Robert Kee, 1972, 319 pp., Davis



The Green Flag, Volume III. Ourselves Alone

Robert Kee, 1972, 203 pp., Davis


Irish Battles: A Military History of Ireland

G.A. Hayes-McCoy, 1969, 326 pp., Davis


Rebels: The Irish Rising of 1916

Peter DeRosa, 1990, 536 pp., Davis


Joe Cahill: A life in the IRA

Brendan Anderson, 2002, 400 pp., Davis


Sean Lemass

Brian Farrell, 1991, 149 pp., Davis


Daniel O’Connell

Fergus O’Ferrall, 1998, 151 pp., Davis


Dublin Pub Life and Lore: An Oral History

Kevin C. Kearns, 1997, 273 pp., Davis


Rebel Hearts: Journey’s Within the IRA’s Soul

Kevin Toolis, 1995, 384 pp., Davis


A Molly Maguire Story

Patrick Campbell, 1992, 192 pp., Davis


American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley - His Battle for Chicago and the Nation

Adam Cohen and Elizabeth Taylor, 2000, 614 pp., Davis


James Larkin, Lion of the Fold

Donal Nevin, 1998, 557 pp., Davis


Tip O’Neill and the Democratic Century

John A. Farrell, 2001, 776 pp., Davis


On the Blanket: The Inside Story of the IRA Prisoners “Dirty” Protest

Tim Pat Coogan, 2002, 296 pp., Davis


Brian Boru. Ireland’s Greatest King?

Maire Ni Mhaonaigh, 2007, 206 pp., Davis


The Laurel and the Ivy: The Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism

Robert Kee, 1993, 659 pp., Davis


The IRA at War 1916-1923

Peter Hart, 2003, 174 pp., Davis


The Voyage of the Catalpa: “A Perilous Journey and Six Irish Rebels’ Escape to Freedom

Peter Stevens, 2002, 391 pp., Davis


Edward M. Kennedy, A Biography

Adam Clymer, 1999, 692 pp., Davis


The Story of Scotland

Nigel Tranter, 2000, 266 pp., Davis


The Brendan Voyage: “Sailing to America in a Leather Boat to Prove the Legend of the Irish Sailor Saints”

Tim Severin, 2000, 269 pp., Davis


The Boston Irish: A Political History

Thomas H. O’Connor, 1995, 353 pp., Davis


The People’s Rising, Wexford 1798

Daniel Gahan, 1995, 367 pp., Davis


Oliver Cromwell: An Illustrated History

Helen Litton, 2001, 106 pp., Davis


The Irish Civil War, An Illustrated History

Helen Litton, 1995, 156 pp., Davis


Celtic Myths and Legends

Charles Squire, 2000, 450 pp., Davis


Swords Around the Cross: The Nine Years War: “Ireland’s Defense of Faith and Fatherland 1594-1603"

Timothy T. O’Donnell, 2001, 291 pp., Davis


The Siege of Derry

Patrick Macreay, 1980, 381 pp., Davis


Brendan Behan

Ulick O’Connor, 1970, 354 pp., Davis


The Provisional IRA

Patrick Bishop and Eamonn Mailie, 1987, 490 pp., Davis


The Rogue’s March: John Riley and the St. Patrick’s Battalion, 1846-1848

Peter F. Stevens, 1999, 344 pp., Davis


Bandit Country: The IRA and South Armagh

Toby Harnden, 1999, 564 pp., Davis



Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Folk Hero

Lester David and Irene David, 1986, 342 pp., Davis


Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago

Mike Royko, 1971, 216 pp., Davis


Ireland: A Concise History from the Twelfth Century to the Present Day

Paul Johnson, 1980, 272 pp., Davis


Politicians and Other Animals: “Sketches of Irish Life and Politics”

Olivia O’Leary, 2004, 159 pp., Davis


A Drink with Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke, 2001, 360 pp., Davis


Making Sense of the Molly Maguires

Kevin Kenny, 1998, 336 pp., Davis


The Black and Tans

Richard Bennett, 1959, 190 pp., Donnelly


Guardians of the Peace. A History of the Garda Siochana

Conor Brady, 1974, 248 pp., Donnelly


A History of Kilmainham Gaol: The Dismal House of Little Ease

Freida Kelly, 1988, 126 pp., Donnelly


The Fenians in Context: Irish Politics and Society 1848-1882

R.V. Comerford, 1985, 272 pp., Donnelly


The Irish in Philadelphia: Ten Generations of Urban Experience

Dennis Clark, 1973, 246 pp., Donnelly


Surnames in Ireland

Séan E. Quinn, 2000, 183 pp., Donnelly


Irish Passenger Lists, 1847-1871

Brian Mitchell, 1988, 333 pp., Donnelly


Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy

Brian Mitchell, 1988, 103 pp., Donnelly


Ulster Local Studies

John Dooher, Editor, 1997, 135 pp., Donnelly

Fiction / Literature


Waiting for Godot: A Tragic Comedy in Two Acts

Samuel Beckett, 1954, 61 pp., Davis


Borstal Boy

Brendan Behan, 1958, 372 pp., Davis


After the Wake

Brendan Behan, 1981, 156 pp., Davis


Confessions of an Irish Rebel

Brendan Behan, 1965, 259 pp., Davis


The Informer

Liam O’Flaherty, 1925, 267 pp., Davis


Three Plays: Juno and the Paycock, The Shadow of a Gunman, The Plough and the Stars

Sean O’Casey, 1957, 218 pp., Davis


The Complete Plays

John M. Synge, 1935, 268 pp., Davis



James Joyce, 1916, 223 pp., Davis


The Dublin Saga: The Princes of Ireland

Edward Rutherfurd, 2004, 776 pp., Davis


The Dublin Saga: The Rebels of Ireland

Edward Rutherfurd, 2006, 863 pp., Davis


Finn MacCool

Morgan Llywelyn, 1994, 400 pp., Davis


The Last Prince of Ireland

Morgan Llywelyn, 1992, 442 pp., Davis



Morgan Llywelyn, 1991, 404 pp., Donnelly


Red Branch

Morgan Llywelyn, 1989, 493 pp., Davis


Lion of Ireland

Morgan Llywelyn, 1981, 569 pp., Davis


The Novels of the Irish Century:


1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion

Morgan Llywelyn, 1998, 582 pp., Tirney

1921: The Great Novel of the Irish Civil War

Morgan Llywelyn, 2001, 445 pp., Tirney

1949: A Novel of the Irish Free State

Morgan Llywelyn, 2003, 512 pp., Tirney

1972: A Novel of Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution

Morgan Llywelyn, 2005, 420 pp., Tirney

1999: A Novel of the Celtic Tiger and the Search for Peace

Morgan Llywelyn, 2007, 400 pp., Tirney



James Joyce, 1918, 768 pp., Davis


Angela’s Ashes

Frank McCourt, 1999, 363 pp., Davis


Tis: a Memoir

Frank McCourt, 1999, 367 pp., Davis


Teacher Man

Frank McCourt, 2005, 257 pp., Davis


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

James Joyce, 1916, 253 pp., Davis


The Last Hurrah

Edwin O’Connor, 1956, 427 pp., Davis


Easter 1916" and Other Poems

William Butler Yeats, 1997, 68 pp., Davis


The Irish Bedside Book

John M. Feehan, Editor, 1980, 128 pp., Donnelly





The Essential History of Celtic Football Club

Graham McColl and George Sheridan, 2002, 320 pp., Davis


Celtic and Ireland in Song and Story

Raymond Daly and Derek Warfield, 2008, 472 pp., Davis


Willie Maley, The Man Who Made Celtic

David W. Potter, 2003, 223 pp., Davis


Jock Stein, The Definitive Biography

Archie MacPherson, 2004, 335 pp., Davis


Jock Stein, The Celtic Years

Tom Campbell and David Potter, 1998, 256 pp., Davis


Martin O’Neill, The Biography

Alex Montgomery, 2003, 300 pp., Davis


The Mighty Atom: The Life and Times of Patsy Gallagher

David W. Potter, 2000, 182 pp., Davis


Neil Lennon, Man and Bhoy

Neil Lennon, 2006, 365 pp., Davis


The Inner Sanctum: The Secrets Behind Celtic’s 1997-1998 Title Win

Mark Guidi, 2008, 240 pp., Davis


Keane, The Autobiography

Roy Keane, 2002, 321 pp., Davis


Paul McGrath, Back From the Brink

Paul McGrath, 2006, 416 pp., Davis


The Road to Croker. A GAA Fanatic on the Championship Trail

Eamunn Sweeney, 2004, 367 pp., Davis


The Old Firm: Sectarianism, Sport and Society in Scotland

Bill Murray, 1984, 380 pp., Davis


Niall Quinn, The Autobiography

Niall Quinn, 2002, 422 pp., Davis


Full Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino

Paul Kimmage, 2000, 201 pp., Davis


Paradise Lost and Found: The Story of Belfast Celtic

PaDraig Coyle, 1999, 207 pp., Davis


Here we Go” - U.S.A. “The ‘94 Republic of Ireland’s Route to the World Cup

Mary Hunt, 1993, 229 pp., Davis


There We Were” - Italia ‘90

Mary Hunt, 1991, 277 pp., Davis