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CharityStudio music downloads

Why sell music downloads? Why not just use the sweepstakes game cards?
There is a legal difference between a sweepstakes and a raffle. In a raffle, people pay money for a raffle ticket that gives them a chance to win prizes. Only specific types of organizations can conduct a raffle and states strictly regulate how the raffles can operate. A sweepstakes is not a raffle. A sweepstakes is a promotion that provides extra incentive for people to buy a product or service that you are selling. The sweepstakes must have a ‘no purchase necessary’ method of entry. In a CharityMania fundraiser, the sweepstakes game cards are for promotion only and are not sold directly. Every time someone buys a CharityMania Ticket, they purchase over $5 to $30 worth of premium music downloads (depending on the price of the CharityMania ticket) from our CharityStudio . The sweepstakes game card is the promotion that provides a great extra incentive for a person to support your cause.

Our Sweepstakes Game Cards work much like the game pieces in the Monopoly sweepstakes at McDonald’s. You can not buy a Monopoly game piece directly. Instead, you purchase things like hamburgers and drinks and receive the game pieces for free. The Monopoly game pieces are a promotion.

No purchase necessary sweepstakes:
All CharityMania sweepstakes are “no purchase necessary”. If someone wants a free sweepstakes game card, they can come to your organization and fill out a request form (provided by CharityMania) to get a free Game Card. They mail the completed request form to CharityMania along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and then we will mail the person a game card. We do not mail them the access code that allows people to download the digital music (because they are not paying). This process is very standard for all companies that conduct sweepstakes.